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THE hellraising antics of Hollywood wildman Michael Madsen while filming in Wales have been revealed by his director.

In a rare glimpse into life on set with one of the planet’s biggest actors, Nic Auerbach tells how the Reservoir Dogs star:

Crawled around his on-set trailer on all fours barking like a dog while The Green, Green Grass of Home blasted out of a stereo; demanded a handgun, some Jack Daniels and a CD player – to play more Tom Jones; challenged his director to a duel after he disagreed with something in the script; and forced hotel staff to call on former world champion boxer Chris Eubank to help ‘neutralise’ the situation after Madsen ‘barricaded’ himself inside his room at one of Wales’ top hotels.

In an exclusive interview with Wales On Sunday, Auerbach revealed how Madsen – best known for his electrifying performances in hard-boiled thrillers like Kill Bill, Sin City and Reservoir Dogs – almost turned his Cardiff film set into an ‘Apocalypse Now-style’ war zone. Read More ->