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Rape suit filed against Snoop Dogg

A celebrity makeup artist has filed a $25-million lawsuit against rapper Snoop Dogg, alleging he and several men in his entourage drugged and raped her two years ago.

The woman also claims that one of Snoop Dogg’s associates beat her after a taping of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, which the rapper guest-hosted in January 2003. The lawsuit was filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In addition, the suit names ABC Inc. and its parent, Walt Disney Co. The woman identifies herself in the documents, but Associated Press is withholding her name because of its policy against naming alleged rape victims. From The LA Times. Read more ->

Beauty queen sues agency for sexual battery

A former beauty queen has sued International Creative Management, claiming the firm and one of its top talent agents subjected her to unwanted sexual advances.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Claire Robinson alleges ICM and agent Jack Gilardi exploited the former Miss British Columbia and that she was sent to auditions for roles that didn’t exist or weren’t available to her. She alleges that one of Gilardi’s friends, John Rockwell, introduced her to the agent and in 2008 threatened and raped her.

The talent agency denies Robinson’s allegations. A phone message left Tuesday for Rockwell, who isn’t affiliated with ICM, wasn’t returned.

“ICM denies any and all wrongdoing,” said Michelle Suess, an agency spokeswoman. “Ms. Robinson’s allegations are completely baseless and ICM will vigorously defend this action.”

The class-action lawsuit also seeks to end a practice it calls “hip pocketing,” in which an agent sends young, aspiring actresses on fake auditions that quickly turn to sexual harassment.

Robinson’s suit also claims that Gilardi inappropriately touched her while en route in an ICM limousine to a stuntmen awards show in 2007.

The lawsuit seeks millions in damages and a judge’s order to end “hip pocketing” at ICM, which the suit claims has been going on for years. Read More ->

Lindsay Lohan Drags Marilyn Monroe Into Million $$$ Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan Drags Marilyn Monroe Into Million $$$ Lawsuit

How’s this for news … Lindsay Lohan is a plaintiff for a change.

We’ve learned Lindsay has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against a clothing manufacturer called D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries — claiming the company licensed Lindsay’s “6126” trademark … which Lindsay uses for her clothing line, sold at several high-end L.A. boutiques.

Lindsay started the 6126 clothing line several years ago with an entrepreneur named Kristi Kaylor.

According to the lawsuit — filed by celebrity attorney Perry Wander — D.N.A.M. licensed the trademark to manufacture clothing for sale internationally … and agreed to pay Lindsay and her partner hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange. Read More ->

Crazy life of Hollywood Mad man

THE hellraising antics of Hollywood wildman Michael Madsen while filming in Wales have been revealed by his director.

In a rare glimpse into life on set with one of the planet’s biggest actors, Nic Auerbach tells how the Reservoir Dogs star:

Crawled around his on-set trailer on all fours barking like a dog while The Green, Green Grass of Home blasted out of a stereo; demanded a handgun, some Jack Daniels and a CD player – to play more Tom Jones; challenged his director to a duel after he disagreed with something in the script; and forced hotel staff to call on former world champion boxer Chris Eubank to help ‘neutralise’ the situation after Madsen ‘barricaded’ himself inside his room at one of Wales’ top hotels.

In an exclusive interview with Wales On Sunday, Auerbach revealed how Madsen – best known for his electrifying performances in hard-boiled thrillers like Kill Bill, Sin City and Reservoir Dogs – almost turned his Cardiff film set into an ‘Apocalypse Now-style’ war zone. Read More ->

Woman gets $141K settlement after being run over on beach – East Bay Times

SAN DIEGO — The city of Coronado has paid $141,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a 24-year-old woman run over by a lifeguard truck while sunbathing on the beach two years ago, records indicate.

Assistant City Manager Jim Benson said that city officials agreed to a mediated settlement with Sarah Bouvet. City records indicate the check was dated Dec. 12, 2007.

Bouvet was hospitalized for two days with injuries to her lower body after the right tires of a lifeguard’s truck ran over her as she lay on her stomach near the Hotel del Coronado.

Bouvet’s attorney, Perry C. Wander, said she “still has some minor residual physical and psychological problems.”

Source: Woman gets $141K settlement after being run over on beach – East Bay Times

Fuqua mob drama in hot water | Hollywood Reporter

A real-life mob mistress has ordered a hit on an Antoine Fuqua-Nicholas Pileggi crime drama that’s being developed at Morgan Creek.

In a story filled with more nicknames than a David Chase script, Linda Schiro, former girlfriend of late Colombo crime family capo Gregory “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Morgan Creek seeking to stop the release of the planned movie and also suing for punitive damages.

Schiro and daughter “Little Linda” Schiro claim they gave interviews to mob dramatist Pileggi (“Casino,” “Goodfellas”) and “Training Day’ director Fuqua, who is known for spending time with real-life cops and criminals as part of his research. In exchange, they were promised $150,000 for their life rights and gigs as consultants on the pic, the suit says.

The real-life story the movie seeks to tell is a colorful one. Scarpa allegedly carried out dozens of hits over three decades on behalf of Colombo family honcho Junior Persico before dying in prison in 1994. He also allegedly had a relationship with a corrupt FBI agent named Lindley DeVecchio.

Schiro was Scarpa’s longtime mistress who testified on behalf of the government against DeVecchio in a case that eventually was dropped.

The backstory behind the project is proving to be equally dramatic, with reps for one side saying there clearly was a deal in place and the other side saying it hasn’t even seen the lawsuit.

Schiro attorney Perry Wander said the Schiros provided filmmakers with key information and in return were promised money by the production company.

Source: Fuqua mob drama in hot water | Hollywood Reporter